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At Applied Attention, we start with the assumption that you don’t need to be fixed.

We assume that you want to be well, to do well, and to do good.

We assume that your desire to thrive, grow, connect, and support others is a strength to build upon.



Sometimes you lose focus on what really matters in the midst of daily demands and distractions.

Sometimes your strategies for avoiding discomfort pull you away from the experiences, goals, and relationships that you value most.

Sometimes you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck in old patterns of thinking and behavior, or uncertain about how to move forward.



You have an incredible capacity for greater ease and freedom in life and work.

You have the capacity to focus your attention and energy on what is most important in the face of daily demands and distractions.

You have the capacity for well-being, growth, and connection that is not dependent upon your circumstances.

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