Dear Friends,

Here is my wish for the New Year:

That we give ourselves permission to stop pretending that we are perfect and shiny all the time (or that we will be someday if we just try hard enough).

That we accept that sometimes we want to:
Curl up in a ball until the feelings pass
Laugh when everyone else is quiet and serious
Exercise tomorrow instead of today
Complain about something we have chosen
Eat something we know is not good for us
Turn away from who we see in the mirror
Blame someone we love for our discomfort
Yell at the unfairness of it all
Weep at the uncertainty of it all
Shake our head or roll our eyes in disbelief

That we stop from time to time and feel the full depth of our humanity – the immensity of our love and the weight of our suffering.

That we look each other in the eye and send the message “I get it and I am here for you.”

That we, in our goofy, wonderful, imperfect, human way, practice cultivating awe, compassion, courage, and gratitude everyday.

That we do the bit that we can to increase wellbeing in the world – one peaceful breath and one kind act at a time.

What is your new year’s wish?