Refocus matter what our circumstances, where we put our attention and our energy is the single greatest determinant of the quality of our experience. Putting our attention and energy into what is unimportant or outside our control leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and exhausted. Fortunately, each moment provides an opportunity to refocus on what is present, important, and under our control.

We are human. Our attention wanders. We get distracted. We get triggered and we get stuck.  To be human is to lose perspective from time to time. Perhaps we get resentful and impatient with traffic, with a colleague, or a member of our family. Perhaps we lose sight of our goals, our health, or our own happiness and fulfillment. We can get into a pattern of focusing on problems, obstacles, and challenges.

It is not possible to keep our focus in one place indefinitely. The skill that makes the greatest difference is our ability to consciously practice well-being. When we practice consistently bringing our attention back to the present and directing our energy into what is important and under our control, we discover powerful leverage over the quality of our lives.

The practices of conscious well-being are precisely what we teach at Applied Attention. It has made a dramatic difference for executives, athletes, parents, teachers, students, schools, and businesses all over the world.

These simple practices transform our internal experience, our relationship to others, and our performance in all aspects of life. You will discover your amazing capacity to be calm in chaotic situations, to be confident in the face of uncertainty, and to connect to others even when there is disagreement.


The practices of  conscious well-being strengthen pathways and functions in the brain that identify priorities, reframe problems as opportunities, and give you access to powerful internal resources. These practices build the fundamental skills necessary to embrace challenge, learn from others, and thrive in any circumstance. The result for individuals is greater engagement, flexibility, and resilience. Within organizations, these practices create powerfully positive and healthy cultures.

The value and effectiveness of these practices are supported by thousands of research studies in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and human performance. It has been associated with physical and psychological health, effective decision-making, creative problem-solving, and healthy interpersonal relationships.