The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned After Studying Wellbeing For Thirty Years


My wife gave me the news. I was getting on an airplane after speaking to a group of educators about wellbeing in schools when she called to tell me that one of my clients had Read More

How Mindfulness Helps Me Work With Chronic Discomfort


I have shingles. For those of you who don’t know, shingles is a result of the same virus that causes chicken pox. The virus remains dormant and sometimes resurfaces later in life. It goes after Read More

Misunderstanding Mindfulness: How Hype and Hyperbole Take Away From the Truth



Sitting quietly, I pay attention to the sensations of my breath. My attention wanders to a thought about the email I need to send. A feeling of restlessness ripples through my body. When I notice Read More

How To Optimize Life In the Face of Uncertainty


“Live each day as if it were your last.” This advice has never made much sense to me. If I assume that today is my last, do I put money in savings? Do I get Read More

A Great Start to The Day


I used to wake up with anxiety on most days. And then I would feed it. I would make a mental list of what was wrong, challenging, and potentially a problem. This is how I Read More

Happiness Includes Discomfort



My friend is dying. As we sit together, her sadness, fatigue, and pain fills the room. All I want to do is tell her something that will make her feel better. I want to tell Read More

Compassion Is A Critical Foundation For Business and Politics, Not An Extra

Standing in line at a coffee shop, I watched a man counting out dimes and pennies to pay for his order. The person behind him tapped him lightly on the shoulder and offered “Will you Read More

This is Why Your Unconditional Wellbeing is a Good Thing for the Planet

As an adult I have gone through treatment for leukemia. Twice. I would never have chosen this for myself. There were aspects of it that were uncomfortable (nausea from chemotherapy), there were aspects that were Read More

Seven Simple Ways to Reduce Your Smartphone Dependency

My eighteen year old son recently left his smartphone for a flip phone. He had become so dependent on his little screen that he was neglecting important things like real people, sleep, exercise, and reading. Read More

What is Your Practice for Being Purposeful?

This is a comfortable period of time in my life. Chemo is over, I am not traveling too much, work is rewarding, our family is healthy, and we will all be together soon when our Read More

Want to Live a More Purposeful Life? Try This for a Week.

Many years ago, my wife and I were traveling in Ecuador. One night, we came across a distressed man sitting alone on a curb. He was very drunk and bleeding from an artery in his Read More

How Cold Shower Shavasana Can Change Your Life

The other day I was in the parking lot of a yoga studio as a class filed out. Apparently someone had parked in a way that blocked one of the student’s cars. When she saw Read More

Disengage To Re-Engage: Mindfulness Is (a) Clutch

Neurocircuitry may be neurocircuitry, but we don’t have to run on automatic. ~ Jill Bolte Taylor

Upset, stressed, triggered, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, bored, stuck? You have the ability to step back and choose a more effective Read More

Six Reasons Mindfulness Improves Decision-Making

First of all, it is important to say a bit about what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is the skillful use of attention. It is the practice of intentionally bringing awareness and acceptance to what is happening Read More

How to Find Peace (and Sleep) When You Find Yourself Spinning In the Middle of the Night


Many of us who have taken on responsibilities — business, family, personal growth — find ourselves spinning at night. Our brains are on overdrive. We may be processing the events of the previous day, the Read More

The Power of Mindfully Owning Your Choices (and breathing)


I just got off the phone with a client who, like many of us, is incredibly busy. She is starting a financial company, and her to-do list is endless. She left a successful career with Read More

How Kevin Love Has Moved Us One Step Closer to Healthy Acceptance of The Human Condition

Recently DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors acknowledged publicly that he has struggled with depression. Following that, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers came forward about his experience with anxiety and panic attacks.

I am very Read More

Cultivating a Good Life: How do You Remember to Practice?

How many of us have yelled at someone we love because we feel that they are being unkind? The thing we value is kindness, and yet we are being unkind in its defense. This is Read More

Good Life Practice: The Value of Compassionate Self-Evaluation

Maybe you want to reply to emails in a more timely manner, eat less sugar, spend more quality time with family, spend less time surfing the internet, exercise more regularly, listen more effectively to others…

Whatever Read More

We Can Stop Trying to Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety and Do This Instead

There have been times in my life – especially in my twenties and early thirties – when I felt utterly overwhelmed and ill-equipped to cope with what I was experiencing. Depending on which of my Read More

Mindfulness in Real Life: From Anger to Compassion at a Four-way Stop

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ Dalai Lama

Today I approached a four-way stop in my town where a large truck had arrived just before me. I waited a moment for the truck Read More

This is What Alexa Put in My Cart When She Heard Me Talking at Dinner

Before you go any further, I should warn you that telling this story gets a bit grammatically and punctuationally challenging, so read carefully.

Last year, my sons gave me an Echo dot for Christmas. It sits Read More

We Can Do This! How Kindfulness Can Save the World

I see it everywhere – gestures of all different sizes done on the behalf of another. These moments combine the awareness and acceptance of someone else’s needs along with the willingness to act. I call Read More

Mindfully Finding Space for Emotions in Difficult Times

The morning after the mudslides in my town, I was walking on the beach looking at the thousands of timbers that had washed up. These trees had been carried out to sea by debris flows Read More

How to Transform Your Life in Twenty Seconds

Commuting to work, caring for family, making financial plans, negotiating office politics, preparing meals, keeping up with the news, dealing with health issues — there are many possible demands on your time and energy. In Read More