Well-being Centered Schools

Increasingly, schools are wrestling with how to manage stress and anxiety.

Strategies include adjusting calendars, changing daily schedules, monitoring homework, and working with parent expectations. These are all well-intentioned strategies that may create environmental or structural improvements. However, do these approaches lead to transferable life skills? Do students have practices they can use in environments or situations that are not as thoughtfully designed? Do your faculty members have tools for dealing constructively with the challenge, conflict and change that are natural aspects of any community?

As an administrator, you can find yourself pulled between the needs of the students, the expectations of parents, and the frustrations of faculty. Parents expect you to relieve their child’s stress without compromising the rigor of the academic program.

At Applied Attention we:

Partner with schools to create positive cultures focused on growth and well-being.

Provide education and training in research-supported practices to maximize balance, calm, confidence and connection.

Peak performance does not require high stress:

You can have a school where students and faculty work hard and are healthy — a school with the reputation for offering something truly unique and effective.

When schools consistently practice refocusing on what is present, what is important, and what is under your control:

  • Children are provided with the best environment and practices to develop into balanced human beings while still performing at high levels.
  • Faculty find a way to connect their idealism to the practicality of preparing students for the next level.
  • Students learn to deal positively with stress so they make good academic and social decisions.
  • Parents learn how to support their child to perform better, be happier and healthier, and reach their goals more effectively.
  • Teachers get more excited about their work and work together more collegially.
  • The school retains its image as a high-functioning school that provides exceptional service.

Dave spent more than 25 years in highly competitive private boarding schools, as a teacher, department chair and designer of human development programs. He understands how the system works; he understands the often conflicting challenges you face daily. Beeps

Applied Attention provides:

  • Student, Faculty, and Parent Presentations
  • In-service training
  • Onsite and offsite retreats
  • Ongoing accountability support


Specific applications and customized trainings include:

  • Refocus to Decrease Stress
  • The Practice of Character, and Culture
  • Advisors as Performance Coaches
  • Learning from Discomfort
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Authentic Confidence and Creativity
  • Meetings that Create Meaningful Results

Clients include:
Colorado Academy, Albuquerque Academy, The Branson School, Crane School, Heritage Hall School,
San Domenico School, The Bishop’s School, Fountain Valley School, Rye Country Day School, Urban School, The University of Wisconsin, The International School of Asia, Knox School of Santa Barbara, Garden Street Academy, and more.