Healthy Culture & Leadership

No matter how carefully we plan, there are always uncontrollable variables in life. Extraordinary organizations are those that respond without losing focus on what matters most. The culture of an organization is not what is written on the mission statement — it is what people practice daily.




Imagine if every member of your team:

  • Consistently refocused on what is most important
  • Took responsibility what is under their control
  • Communicated quickly and effectively about challenging issues
  • Could turn any problem into an opportunity

Whether it is through on site training, facilitation in a retreat setting, or ongoing consultation, Applied Attention has helped organizations create powerful cultures where possibilities are routinely converted into capitalized opportunities. Members of your community will have a deeper understanding of the choices they have in the face of challenging circumstances.

By addressing the neuroscientific realities that cause good initiatives to fail, training from Applied Attention creates healthy, productive cultures and improves bottom line results. This training may be the single greatest investment that a business can make.Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.59.38 PM

Applied Attention provides:

  • Individual coaching
  • Team training
  • Onsite and offsite retreats
  • Ongoing accountability support

Specific applications and customized trainings include:

  • Increasing Focus and Decreasing Stress
  • Using the Power of Discomfort
  • The Practice of Difficult Conversations
  • Listening and Observing to Transform Relationships
  • Authentic Confidence and Creativity
  • Meetings that Create Meaningful Results
  • Coaching Mindfully for Performance

Clients include:

Subaru, MMD, Quadriga Arts, Home Solutions, Balance Financial, BATDC, NBKC Bank, Several WPO and YPO chapters and forums.