Knowledge is not practice

practice supportUnderstanding the practice of refocusing or knowing the benefits of the practice does not give you those benefits. Only engaging in the practice gives you the benefits of the practice. This is the same for anything in your life. Knowing that exercise is good for you does not give you the health benefits of exercising.

And, each of us has a conditioned brain that makes new practices feel awkward, uncomfortable, and easy to forget. This is why most of us don’t start new things as we get older. This is why it is helpful to have support.

There are resources on this site such as a written blog, a video blog, a text reminder group, and audio meditations. It is helpful to use these supports to establish and maintain a regular practice.

In addition, any physical reminders you can place in your life — sticky notes on your bathroom mirror,  steering wheel, or computer, reminders on your calendar, alarms, or practice partners. People use red lights, doorways, and traffic as reminders to refocus. One of my clients put a note on the ceiling over her bed, so that she remembered to practice first thing in the morning. Another client draws a small dot each day between his thumb and forefinger so that he remembers to practice when it catches his eye. Still another client had custom temporary tattoos printed online (he always wanted a tattoo anyway!)

We get what we practice, and there is a part of our brain that is resistant to adopting new practices. The more support we have access to, and the more reminders we put in our lives, the more likely we are to develop a robust practice.