Mindfulness Practice: Cultivating the Love We Seek

Since I was quite young, I can remember feeling an emptiness in the middle of my body. A longing. It seemed to go away when I received praise, appreciation, or affection. So, over time, I learned to pursue these things with all my energy. Read More

Four Ways That Mindfulness Meditation is Just Like Life


I started meditating about twenty-five years ago. I began because I was struggling with anxiety, doubt, and insecurity, and my coping strategies were often more destructive than the emotions I was trying to avoid. So, as a last ditch effort to salvage a life, I tried Read More

The Blessing of Not Beating Yourself Up

Here’s a glimpse into my life. It starts with sitting in an airplane in Chicago for two and a half hours while they fix something related to one of the engines. I am actually not resentful about this because I want to feel confident Read More