How Human Is Your School?

Think about this past week. Consider the challenges you faced and dealt with in your own life. What percentage of these challenges were resolved with academic knowledge? What percentage of these challenges were inner-personal or interpersonal? What percentage of these challenges needed social-emotional skills Read More

10 Minutes That Can Make Your Life More Peaceful & Joyful Everyday


These thoughts are inspired by time spent with a young man who is earnestly seeking a meaningful and fulfilling life. I have known him since he was a little boy, but have not sat down with him for a conversation about life until today. Read More

How to Enjoy Life

“It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.” ~ Viktor Frankl

You can be overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or just plain whelmed. You can be disgruntled (upset), but you can also be gruntled (pleased or satisfied). You can be ruthless Read More