Pursue Happiness or Practice Acceptance?

We live in a pro-happiness world. No, seriously. I am not a hermit. I know that there is a 24/7 barrage of bad news right now. But surely you have figured out that this is how eyeballs are held and teed up for advertisers who are Read More

Peace, Grace, Uncertainty & Challenge

As some of you are aware, my father passed away this week. He is pictured above with my mom and my son about seven years ago.
I am deeply grateful for all the messages I Read More

Four Reasons I Meditate (Happiness and Performance Did Not Make The List)

Sometimes I do it in my living room. Sometimes it is on an airplane or in a hotel room. Sometimes it happens at the beach or at a park. I have even done it in the middle of a busy airport.

Sitting in silence, paying attention to Read More