Four Reasons I Meditate (Happiness and Performance Did Not Make The List)

Sometimes I do it in my living room. Sometimes it is on an airplane or in a hotel room. Sometimes it happens at the beach or at a park. I have even done it in the middle of a busy airport.

Sitting in silence, paying attention to Read More

Our Practice – Not Our Circumstances – Defines Us.

Yesterday I talked to a nurse at the rehabilitation center where my father is staying. She is helping me arrange a visit for my mom to see my dad through a window.

On my morning walk today with my dog, Roxy, I ran into a Read More

Why We Don’t Call Piano Practice Self-improvement: How Self-Help & Happiness Strategies Are Making Us Anxious & Lonely

I think the human brain is a truly miraculous thing. It has the ability to reshape itself based on behavior. This is how we grow skill. When someone practices the piano, their brain builds new and stronger connections so that their fingers can move more smoothly Read More