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Mindfulness and The Mixed Blessing of Imagination

Theo Jansen designs beasts that are animated by the wind. If that makes no sense to you, then watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qdr5vZ5btU

His imagination, and his ability to bring his ideas to life, is remarkable to say the least. The human capacity to imagine futures that we Read More

Are We Losing The Heart of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is everywhere. You cannot pass a magazine rack or read the news without coming across some mention of this ancient and recently popularized practice. It is being introduced in schools, medical treatments, and businesses as a way to deal with the stresses and anxieties of Read More

Mindfulness & The Industrial Happiness Complex: Why The Gospel of Comfort & The War on Discomfort are Making Us Miserable

I have spent about 30 years studying, teaching, and coaching the principles and practices of wellbeing. My search began in response to my own struggles with anxiety, perfectionism and insecurity. My life’s experience has led to a deep interest in discomfort. More specifically, I am fascinated Read More