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Freedom From Discomfort: Working Peacefully and Powerfully with Stress, Anxiety, Reactivity, Overwhelm and Every Other Form of Discomfort

Karen had an intense crush on Oscar all through high school. Her friends often reminded her that she was free to talk to him – or even tell him how she felt. Just the thought of it sent her into a tornado of imagined scenarios of Read More

Up To It: Compassionate Confidence as an Antidote to Anxiety, Stress, Avoidance & Reactivity

How different would your life be if you really trusted yourself?

What if you knew in your bones that you had the internal resources you needed to deal with disagreement, disapproval, discomfort, disappointment, setback, loss….

What if you felt deep in your Read More

“Tell Me More”​ — Practicing Listening & Understanding When You are Triggered

Imagine a moment in a debate where a Democratic candidate responds to a Republican candidate (or vise versa) with something like “Let me see if I understand your point” and then reflects back what she heard. What would our world look like right now Read More