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David Mochel experienced many of the challenges his clients face — he overcame them using the techniques he now teaches.

He transformed himself from a person driven by anxiety, fear, and anger, to an authentically confident and calm teacher and coach whose mission is to help people use the power of simple practice to achieve their goals while enjoying a life filled with freedom and connection.

David grew up in a poor rural area where many people struggled to make ends meet. His world changed when he attended an elite east coast college, where people from different social backgrounds came from all over the world. For the first time, he realized that everyone – no matter what their external circumstances – struggled in some way to find fulfillment and well-being while pursuing their goals.

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well-being practice

Well-being practice builds brain pathways for unconditional happiness, authentic confidence, deep connection, and sustained excellence




Notice, Accept


Create, Commit

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Dave’s understanding of the mind and nervous system gives him the ability to reveal your true strengths. He has guided me to realize that the world of possibilities is limitless – his passion for helping people fulfill their true potential is incredible.
Emily Olson, IT Project Manager, Novacoast
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